Jeff Ruane

Another rejection, but at least they “wish me well!”

I had three interviews in four days with a company the week before last. One with HR, then the hiring manager, then a technical interview. I let myself feel optimistic about it, and that was a mistake. After a week of radio silence, I woke up this morning to “we decided to proceed with other candidates.” Also, telling me to follow them on Linkedin because “we’d love to keep folks like you engaged in upcoming opportunities,” as opposed to keeping me engaged, is not actually a nice or encouraging thing to say.

One more thing, if you’re going to ask me something as vague as “what’s the difference between a cloud warehousing database and a standard application database, and I talk about:

I shouldn’t be docked for not mentioning that upset operations are more costly on OLAP DBs. If you want a specific answer to such a vague question, then I’m gonna need a nudge in that direction my dude.

I’m lashing out. I’m just frustrating, feeling real bad about myself. I honestly thought all three interviews went well and I’d finally have some good news this week.

Today’s gonna be a tough one, folks.

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